My short story, “Out There,” is available as a Kindle book

Out ThereWell, I published my first book, an e-book, as part of my goal of publishing one book a month in 2013. (Should I call this my One Year, 12 Books project?) My short story, “Out There,” is available at Amazon as a Kindle book. I’ll write more about the process soon, but for now I’ll just say that the mechanics of publishing the book (i.e., formatting it for Kindle, etc.) took less time than I thought it would; Amazon provides a very useful tutorial on publishing Kindle books with a Mac. I set the price at $0.99. I considered making it free — after all, it’s a short story (and one that I wrote and published years ago) — but decided I might as well see what happens if I charge a buck for it.

And what’s the story like? Well, as the cover says, it’s “a short story about teenagers, a road trip, and the Jersey Devil.” I’d like to think it’s inspired by the work of T.C. Boyle and Junot Diaz. You can buy it at Amazon and read it on your Kindle, your phone, your computer, or your tablet.


  1. Congratulations on “getting this done”, particularly as it was the first one and you had to sort out many “process” issues, not just “content” issues. I only have a Windows PC, iPad and iPhone. Can I read a Kindle format e-book on any/all of these?

    • Yes, you can read a Kindle book on all of those with the Kindle applications/apps available for them. Look in the App Store on your iPhone and iPad for them.

      • Thanks for that advice – I now have the Kindle iPad app, your e-book, and some spare time this weekend. With a cup of coffee, all will be perfect!

  2. congratulations !!i ‘m rushing through “no easy day” to get to “out there” !!!

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