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Kodak and the Super 8 analog renaissance


Kodak Super8 Camera

I made Super 8 films as a kid—a lot of Super 8 films—and so, when I heard the news about Kodak making a Super 8 camera, well, it gave me a fuzzy jolt of 1970s-era nostalgia. As it turns out, Kodak announced this camera a year ago, then never came out with an actual model you could buy. This year? They announced it again, at the CES conference, and they’ve got a website with glorious images of the camera.

If it’s every produced (and you’ve got to think it will be, as Kodak’s got quotes from directors like JJ Abrams and Christopher Nolan saying they’re excited by the prospect of it), it won’t likely be cheap. Gizmodo’s Christina Warren had this to say:

The first model that is promised to ship is a special limited edition. It will be limited to about 2,000 units and will cost $2,000. That’s way more than the $400-$750 promised last year. The non-special edition will be available “cheaper,” but I very much get the sense that it will cost you an arm and a leg.

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