5 creative Vine stop-motion videos for inspiration

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Stop-motion animation requires planning, creativity, and patience. But with the Vine app, you’re limited to six-second clips, meaning you can think in seconds — a very limited number of seconds — when producing a stop-motion video. Embrace the limits with Vine, and experiment. (That’s what the winners of the Tribeca Film Festival’s #6SECFILMS competition did.) Here are five Vine clips for inspiration. (more…)


Amazing creativity in a stop-motion video

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I’ve been a fan of stop-motion videos since I was a kid, and lately I’ve been wowed by the ways still photographers have been creating stop-motion videos out of thousands of frames. As photographer Jonathan DeNicholas says at Vimeo, “This film is made entirely of stop motions stills…. It is a contest entry that required it to be no longer than 2 minutes and you can only shoot things you appreciate during the month of February. There are exactly 2,877 stills in this film hence the title.” (more…)