Smartcameras, Apple, and the future of photography


samsungI’ve got an article at the website Connect (part of Digital Photography Review) about what I see as a dilemma for fans of Apple’s iOS and iPhone photography apps. Smartcameras are starting to appear — that is, point-and-shoot cameras with the Android operating system and photo apps — and I fear that Android, and not iOS, will dominate this smartcamera trend. I’d love to buy a smartcamera at some point, but I would want it to be a camera with iOS apps — that is, all of the photography apps I’ve got on my iPhone. Will that happen? I’m not quite sure, and in my Connect article I come up with a bunch of scenarios (Apple buys Nikon, Apple introduces its own digital SLR, etc.) for how things will shake out. Realistic ideas? Not always, but it’s fun to speculate.

If you’re wondering about the smartcamera trend, check out my posts about smartcameras and Android cameras at What I See Now.


My technology wish list for 2013

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I’d really like a smartcamera running iOS, Apple’s operating system for iPads and iPhones. I’d like foolproof cloud computing. I’d like backups I don’t have to think about, at all. Those are just some of the items in my technology wish list for 2013, published in my last column from 2012.

As I wrote, “This list isn’t really about shiny new toys. If there’s a theme to my list, it’s the idea of refining today’s cutting-edge technologies — the ones you might not yet have purchased because they’re not quite there yet — and making them into hassle-free, everyday tools you don’t even need to think about to use.” Here’s the column as a PDF.