Create Great iPhone Photos coverCreate Great iPhone Photos: Apps, Tips, Tricks, and Effects
No Starch Press
By Allan Hoffman

Out of the box the iPhone is a bit of a no-frills affair, but with a little know-how, you can transform your iPhone into a fun and innovative digital darkroom, photo-editing suite, and photo-sharing tool.

Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or just posting casual snapshots to Facebook or Flickr, Create Great iPhone Photos will show you how to take and share truly impressive photographs. You’ll learn how to compose photos with your iPhone, use your phone to apply filters and effects, and even manipulate your images with photography apps. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Edit photos to achieve eye-popping results with apps like Adobe Photoshop Express, Photogene, and ColorSplash
  • Produce vintage photobooth style strips and hip, super-saturated, 70s-style photos with apps like Hipstamatic, ShakeItPhoto, and Lo-Mob
  • Unlock the secrets of your iPhone’s camera with tools like burst mode, high dynamic range (HDR) effects, exposure and focus controls
  • Find and install the best iPhone apps for cropping images, adjusting contrast and exposure, and stitching together panoramic photographs
  • Publish and share photos directly from your iPhone, without the need for memory cards, cables, or complex desktop photo-editing tools

With the help of Create Great iPhone Photos, you’ll learn how to turn your iPhone into a mini-darkroom, with Photoshop (and a host of other apps) right there in your pocket. And you thought it was just a phone.

Videos about the book:

50 Fun Ways to Internet cover50 Fun Ways to Internet: How to Sign On, Navigate, and Explore the Net without Getting Lost in Cyberspace
Career Press
By Allan Hoffman

The book is a simple guide to exploring the Internet, highlighting the diversity of activities and information available online. Written in a conversational style, it’s a book for both newbies and more experienced Internet users seeking ideas for further exploration. Chapters are devoted to topics such as geneaological resources, sites for women, online auctions, role-playing games, and webzines. Published in 1995, the book was one of the earliest non-technical books about the Internet. A second edition was published in 1998.

NetGuide coverNetGuide: Your Complete Guide to the Internet and Online Services
Random House Electronic Publishing and Michael Wolff & Co
By Kelly Maloni, Ben Greenman, Kristin Miller, and Jeff Hearn

I contributed reviews of Web sites, newsgroups, and discussion forums to NetGuide and several other books in this series, including NetChat, NetSports, and NetTrek. My interview with J. Michael Straczynski, the creator and executive producer of “Babylon 5,” appeared in NetTrek.

P.O.V. Living Large coverLiving Large: The Guy’s Guide to Getting Ahead, Getting It Right, and Getting by with Style
By Randall Lane and the Editors of P.O.V.

I wrote quite a bit for P.O.V. magazine, and I contributed website reviews to the book.

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