Smartcameras, Apple, and the future of photography

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samsungI’ve got an article at the website Connect (part of Digital Photography Review) about what I see as a dilemma for fans of Apple’s iOS and iPhone photography apps. Smartcameras are starting to appear — that is, point-and-shoot cameras with the Android operating system and photo apps — and I fear that Android, and not iOS, will dominate this smartcamera trend. I’d love to buy a smartcamera at some point, but I would want it to be a camera with iOS apps — that is, all of the photography apps I’ve got on my iPhone. Will that happen? I’m not quite sure, and in my Connect article I come up with a bunch of scenarios (Apple buys Nikon, Apple introduces its own digital SLR, etc.) for how things will shake out. Realistic ideas? Not always, but it’s fun to speculate.

If you’re wondering about the smartcamera trend, check out my posts about smartcameras and Android cameras at What I See Now.


  • I don’t think Apple would release a camera simply because, for good or ill, the market for them has dwindled compared to Apple’s size. The smartphone killed the point-and-shoot and most people don’t have nor will have DSLRs. It’s a niche at this point and probably not worth their attention.

    I actually think a possible future of photography is in Google Glass. There are so many moments that just happen, are irreproducible and unrecordable. I have for the longest time, (since I was a kid), fantasized about a technology that would allow for the capture of these moments. I can envision a world where something like Google Glass has the penetration of smartphones and is continuously recording HD video into a one or two-minute buffer. When something “interesting” happens you could stash that buffer, (via voice command perhaps), to permanent storage where you could then filter, process, extract frames, Instagram, whatever… that is if people got over looking like total dorks 😉

    • Wow, I hadn’t even thought about Google Glass and photography. This idea of the continuous HD video recording is really strange, interesting, and sorta frightening. Imagine this: You have a great day, so many great moments, and then it’s the end of the day and you want to retrieve or preserve those moments. Can you? Wouldn’t any recording of them be some (very) lesser thing? I guess I tend to think those moments are likely “unrecordable” — though I don’t doubt there’s going to be something like this with Google Glasses or some other technology.

      And yes, re Apple: I’d love to see an Apple camera, but it’s probably a stretch — though I’m really looking forward to seeing where they take the iPhone camera in the next 5-10 years.

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