Twitter 100 list now at Web100

As I’ve written in my column for the Star-Ledger, Twitter is a vast ecosystem extending far beyond the Twitter website:

Although the concept of Twitter is straightforward enough, the reality is increasingly complex. Once you start using Twitter, especially if you’re using it for professional reasons — to promote yourself or your business, say, even as you’re communicating with friends and colleagues — you’re confronted with any number of issues. How do you decide who to follow? How do you track multiple Twitter accounts? Are there ways to have assorted underlings post to your organization’s account? And how do you make sense of all of this crazy lingo, like “follow” and “tweet” (and a bunch of other terms)?

Well, Web100 has launched a new top 100 list, the Twitter 100, and it’s a great guide to making sense of Twitter and social media. The list ranks Twitter-related websites, people, and tools, and it’s a quick way to get up to speed on Twitter—or extend your knowledge of the Twitterverse. It explains Twitter lingo, directs you to people worth following, suggests the best Twitter tools, and and helps you find the best books about Twitter. Even better, the list will continue to evolve, with new items added as Twitter grows and morphs into new arenas.

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