Distracted Living

Is a technology diet in order?


That’s the gist of a Fortune piece Patricia Sellers. It’s a fun read, thought I’m not wild about the headline: “2010 Resolution: Slow Down for Success.” Does everything have to be about “success”? How about contentment, enjoying yourself, being happy?

In any case, she’s decided her New Year’s resolution isn’t about cramming more into her life. As she puts it: “Instead of resolving to do more this year, I’m aiming to do less. To slow down.”

And others, she suggests, are planning to do the same.

A colleague, she says, is planning a “technology diet”:

She’s denying herself computer and BlackBerry access from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. each day. On sleepless nights, instead of watching The Office on Hulu at 4 a.m., she reads books (on her Kindle, which is allowed) and plays the piano on her Yamaha keyboard. This reformed behavior helps her digest her information overload, she says. “It’s the difference between snacking on information and sitting down to a meal.”

Read more at Fortune.

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