Got the iPad on my mind

I’ve been thinking (and writing) about the iPad a lot these days. I got one on Saturday morning (yes, perhaps the most uber-nerd thing I’ve ever done—that is, waiting on line for the iPad), and then set off to use it, test it, and write about it, all by 4:30 p.m. That column, with my initial thoughts, appeared promptly online at and the next day in The Star-Ledger. Then I used it over the next several days, and I basically ended up trying to answer the question a lot of people want to know: Should I buy one? I answered “no,” though it’s a no with many, many caveats, as I actually love the iPad, and I do think, as I wrote back in January, when it was announced, that it’s likely to transform our ideas of what computers can and should be.

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