Just helped fund a Kickstarter project for an iPhone tripod

So I just dropped $20 on an iPhone tripod and “kickstand” that doesn’t even exist yet. Sounds sorta weird? Well, it’s actually part of a project at Kickstarter, a website that’s all about funding innovative and creative projects. The name of this product-to-be is the Glif, and here’s how it’s described:

Glif is a simple iPhone 4 accessory with two primary functions: mounting your iPhone to a standard tripod, and acting as a kickstand to prop your iPhone up at an angle. From these two functions emerge numerous uses: hands-free FaceTiming, watching videos, making movies, using your iPhone as an alarm clock, and many others.

The people behind the Glif, Tom Gerhardt, a software and hardware developer, and Dan Provost, an interaction designer/blogger, say the idea stems from their love of the iPhone camera: “The idea for the Glif was first formed when we realized the iPhone 4 is literally the best camera we’ve ever owned. With the addition of HD video recording and High Dynamic Range photography, it’s clear Apple is positioning the iPhone as a very high quality portable camera.”

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