My new photoblog, Really Great iPhone Photos

I’ve got another photoblog: Really Great iPhone Photos.

It doesn’t take much to figure out the subject of the blog, but I’ll explain, briefly. I’ve got one photoblog, What I See Now, that’s all about iPhone photography—news about apps, info about iPhoneography contests, and also my own iPhone photos (now and then). Really Great iPhone Photos, on the other hand, is about just that—awesome iPhone photos I find online (and mainly at Tumblr, where it’s extremely easy to repost other people’s photos).

Now, you may wonder: Doesn’t it take a lot of time to do all this blogging? Well, yes and no. Tumblr makes things very, very easy, and the new blog, Really Great iPhone Photos, is pretty much just about reposting (i.e., reblogging, to use Tumblr’s term) the photos of people I follow on Tumblr. I’m able to check out my Tumblr Dashboard (to view the latest photos from people I follow), and choose those I really like.

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