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Why do I have three (yes, three) photoblogs?

OK, so maybe you haven’t really been wondering this, but it’s the truth. I now have three separate photography blogs. Not long ago, I wasn’t even blogging, and now I feel like I’m something of a blogging maniac, in part because of the ease of creating and managing a blog with Tumblr. So what are these blogs, and how are they different? Here are quick descriptions:

What I See Now: News and advice about iPhone photography. Learn about iPhone photography contests and exhibits, video tutorials, gadgets, and updates to iPhoneography apps. I also post occasional photos (of my own) at this blog.

Really Great iPhone Photos: Here’s where I post other people’s awesome iPhone photos, either by reblogging them with Tumblr or by contacting and getting permission from Flickr members.

Domestic Tableaux: I just put this up. Tumblr makes it easy to let a blog accept submissions, and I’ve been wanting to try that sort of blog for a while. Domestic Tableaus is all about photos of what’s on your kitchen counter, bedroom bureau, or somewhere else. Those images can be interesting, funny, or even sad or poignant.

So there you have: my photoblogs.


  • Just wanted to let you know, I was reading your column in the NJ Starledger today about “Remotes out of Control” and I was enjoying it immensely, but when I got to the continued section, the story started again right from the beginning and it didn’t finish. I was really disappointed because I wanted to continue reading it to the end. Obviously the paper made an error with the printing and I would love to read it completely. This is the first time I’ve ever read one of your columns and you had me laughing throughout the whole part I got to read. If this is the way you always write your stories, you can bet I’ll be reading some more. Thanks for today’s pick up.

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