Delicious vs. Pinterest: Wondering how I should organize my bookmarks and links

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For a number of years, I’ve been using Delicious, the web-based bookmarking service, to store and organize my bookmarks. In fact, it was really more than a bookmarking tool for me. (I saved a lot more than my “favorites.”) I used Delicious to store, as a simple title and URL, anything I came across that was interesting, useful, or that I might want to find in the future; each of these was tagged with a label like “wordpress” or “photography” or “inspiration.” The interface was bare-bones, in a craigslist sort of way, and I loved it.

That’s all over.

Delicious was sold by Yahoo earlier this year, and now it’s morphing and evolving. I still like it, but I feel like it does too much. It’s no longer a simple and streamlined service. It’s a startup in flux.

As ReadWriteWeb has noted, Delicious is starting to look a look a lot like Pinterest, a startup that’s gaining a big following as a way to “organize and share the things you love.”

So I’ve been wondering. Should I jump ship from Delicious and try Pinterest. Seems like a lot of work. Or stick with Delicious and see where it’s new proprietors will take it? For now, I’m opting for the latter, but I’m keeping my options open.

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