Tips to stop annoying Facebook notifications and quirks


I’m fed up with Facebook, and I’m not alone. Am I willing to leave Facebook? To just delete my account and be done with it? Well, not quite. But recently I decided to go ahead and take the time to answer three or four of my questions about Facebook’s annoyances, like those pesky email notifications I always seem to get about people adding stuff to my timeline.

As I wrote in the column:

Among Facebook’s 1 billion users, what percentage actually understands how to use its key features, such as the timeline, tags and privacy controls? I’d guess close to zero.

I don’t know if it’s possible for anyone to really understand all of Facebook’s messy controls. But here’s my attempt to help us understand some of them.

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  • Really helpful article! I was going to hit “like” on the Facebook box but then I realized you’ll be getting hundreds of hits with people agreeing!

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