A new era for home stereos

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A couple weeks ago, I wrote a column about stylish, wireless home stereos. Now I’ve taken the next logical step: I bought one. As I wrote in my column:

Today’s home stereos look nothing like the angular black boxes from the era of turntables and 8-track tapes. They’re far more compact, they connect with our digital music libraries and now they’re even capable of controlling your tunes wirelessly from computers, phones and tablets. They’re also about as likely to look like a Swedish-designed lamp or a UFO as a traditional audio component.

Air SpeakerThe one I bought, the Logitech UE Air Speaker, isn’t the most stylish wireless speaker available, but it got excellent reviews, and I’m loving it so far. With one of these speakers, you’re able to stream music right from your iPhone or computer. A docking station works for an iPod, but when your music is on your phone, well, it’s not so convenient to have your phone docked to a stereo when you need to make a call or check your email. Check out my column for more info on wireless speakers.

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