iOS 7 and “interface churn”

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When my daughter, who is 10 (and relatively sophisticated about Apple products), saw my iPhone 5 with the new operating system on it, she thought I’d bought a new phone. That’s pretty much how I felt, too. The new operating system, iOS 7, does make it seem like you’ve got a new phone.

That’s good, and it’s bad.

Yes, I like iOS 7, but it’s different — very different, in some ways — and it takes a lot of adjusting, especially when all of the apps are being updated. You think you know how to operate your phone, and then suddenly, you don’t. As I wrote in a recent column:

The changes can be a lot to absorb. Because we’re surrounded by screen interfaces, and because they come in so many different varieties (phones, set-top boxes, tablets, websites), our brains — well, my brain, at least — may have trouble digesting all of this interface churn.

Read the column.

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