Do you want Facebook to take over your phone?

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Today’s smartphones essentially have software from Google (Android) and Apple (iOS) at the forefront. Which means, when you look at your phone, you’re looking at a bunch of apps. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, in announcing Facebook Home, wants to change that. “Our phones are designed around apps and not people,” he said. “So we want to flip that around.”

Uh, that’s one way to spin this, I guess.

Yes, Zuckerberg wants to flip this around: Flip it around, that is, so that Facebook is at the forefront on your phone. Which means your social network is in front of you at every moment. And, inevitably, advertising, including ads — you can easily imagine — based on where you are, what you “like” on Facebook, and what your friends have “liked.”

Given Facebook’s track record on privacy and ads, I’d be really wary about handing my phone interface over to Facebook.

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