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Happiness, photography, and gratitude

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I stumbled on this inspiring video from a post at the Greater Good website (“the science of a meaningful life”).

I love the idea: You take a photo a day as a way to express (and feel) your gratitude for something. I’ve often done this, without even really thinking of it that way, but I can see how turning it into an everyday practice could really change your outlook on things, as it did for Hailey Bartholomew.


  • I agree–it’s so important to be grateful and to acknowledge it can be very powerful–either through photos, writing or just thinking. Can change your mood instantly.

  • Hello Allan. Thanks for posting this really inspiring video. Fantastic photography, a great outlook, and pulled together with her short diary comments. This my highlight of today. In the spirit of this project, I’ll look forward for what may come tomorrow! I know that my day already improves as soon as I take a photo – it can be anything at all. And I follow Dewitt Jones who has a similar outlook to this – “Celebrate what is right with the world”


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